ThrowBack! : Jai-Alai Heroes

Currently, we are developing ThrowBack! : Jai-Alai Heroes, a new four player co-op arcade cabinet based on the relatively obscure sport of Jai-Alai (pronounced “high lie”). This is the very first Jai-Alai video game in the 21st century, and is currently in closed beta, planned for launch in arcades by the end of 2019. ThrowBack! : Jai-Alai Heroes is aiming to be a fun all-ages competitive game with an arcade feel similar to classic games like NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Super Dodge Ball, and Windjammers. The game also appeals to fans of “casual competitive” games like Rocket League and the Smash Bros series. The game blends simple 3D environments with hand-drawn 2D pixel animations for a colorful “almost 80’s” vibe. With ThrowBack! : Jai-Alai Heroes, Astro Crow is aiming to create a fun competitive game while at the same time, introducing gamers to a new, unique sport.

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