Zombie RUNdead

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"If running from zombies is this fun, then the apocalypse is gonna be awesome!" --Actual beta tester response

The last thing you remember, you were driving to the mall with your girlfriend, when out of nowhere, a strange-looking person jumped out in front of your car. Now, you've woken up in a hospital bed, and there's a baseball bat tucked in next to you with a note attached that says "You'll need this." You take the bat, get dressed, and walk out into the hallway. You notice something in the distance - looks like someone crouched on the ground. It looks like they're eating something. They must be in pain, because they keep making a moaning sound. You trip over a bucket on the ground, and the noise makes the person instantly pop up their head and look right at you. They start shuffling their way towards you, and that's when you see it - written on the wall in what looks like blood is a single word: "RUN". Zombie RUNdead is an action-packed thrill ride that has to be played to be believed! Jump, slide, and slash your way through the undead hoards to avoid being snacked on!




  • Unlockable levels!
  • Battle zombies in a variety of locales!

  • Unlockable accessories!
  • Customize your character!

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