The Last Ace of Space

Android version coming soon!

"Astro Crow's The Last Ace of Space is one of the more interesting variations on the runner genre (e.g., Canabalt) I've played." -- DESTRUCTOID

Ace and his trusty friend Rocket-Pig crash land on a strange alien world.  This world just so happens to be teeming with a group of very hostile aliens that are HECK-BENT on making sure you are... well... making sure that you are... dead.  Now, with no other choice, Ace and Rocket-Pig must traverse this alien landscape, jumping, running, shooting, sliding, (even dodging puking aliens) to escape countless horrors!



  • Never ending gameplay!
  • The game gets faster and more difficult the longer you survive! How far can YOU get?

  • Intuitive multi-touch controls!
  • Flick, Pop, Jog, Slide, and Jump using a variety of gestures!

  • Flatulent Piggy!
  • Feed Rocket-Pig space beans until he can't take anymore, then hop on his back for a gas powered boost of speed!

  • A compelling cast of characters!

  • Sweet lookin' artwork!
  • Artwork by Pop-Surrealist artist and animator Shaun Wightman

  • Keen Sound Design!
  • Music and sounds created by Brian Stabile, aka chiptunes artist BFunk20XX and drummer for Yogurt Smoothness

  • Get thrown up on by alien creatures!
  • That says it all!

  • Support for Retina Display!
  • Being chased by a giant goo monster has never looked so pretty!

  • Native iPad and iPad 2 support!
  • Bigger screen, same great gameplay!

  • Leaderboards and Achievements with both Open Feint and Game Center!
  • See how good you are worldwide, or amongst your friends!

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