AstroCrow.Com is LIVE

Yes!  After lots of hard work I'm proud to say that AstroCrow.Com is LIVE! We have some really neat stuff coming your way soon so please keep checking back!  Hit the jump to see what we have in store!

This blog is mainly to update you on all the games that we're working on.  To kind of give you an inside look behind the scenes at Astro Crow!

Currently we are working on "The Last Ace of Space" for iOS devices. It's shaping up really well and we are anticipating a release date in the near future!  We'll let everyone know when that get a little closer.

As far as the site goes, we are working on getting some more pages available ASAP.  Our next goal is to get the Message Board up and running, then we are going to flesh out the Games pages to show more content for The Last Ace of Space!

Until Next Time!



Shaun Wightman
Art Director
Astro Crow

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