Astro Crow is...

a company that's dedicated to making games that are actually fun. As gamers ourselves, we strive to make games that we would want to play.


Our Team:

Greg Pardo - Game Designer/Programmer/Forum Admin

Known Aliases: The Donkey, The Red Baron, Ogre, G-Reg, Earl

Special Skills: Programming, ROM Hacking, Surfing, Starcraft 2, Beer

Finishing Move: Huffman DMA Overwrite <- ^ -> punch

Favorite Games: Dragon Quest Series, Silent Hill 2, Earthbound (Mother 1, 2, and 3), Glory of Heracles 3 & 4, Shadow of The Colossus, Battletoads, Shadowgate, Ultima 3, Torneko, Tetris Attack, Starcraft 2, Killer Instinct, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terrangima, Lufia II, Tales Series, Star Ocean, Actraiser, YS Series

Power Animal: Red-Eyed Tree Frog


Check out his tasty code at GregPardo.Com

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Brian Stabile - Game Designer/Programmer/Audio Director

Known Aliases: B Funk, B Smoove, BBBBBBB

Special Skills: Musical Instruments, Foreign Languages, Surfing, Yoga, Juggling

Finishing Move: 50-Stroke Kanji

Favorite Games: Ikaruga, Tetris Attack, Chrono Trigger, Battletoads, Guilty Gear, Typing of The Dead, Marvel vs Capcom 2

Power Animal: Proboscis Monkey

Bio: Brian is an aficionado of learning new skills and having new experiences. As a result, he's picked up a few talents- some of which are actually useful! He is a connoisseur of languages- fluent in Japanese (he lived there for a while), and continuous student of many others. He writes and performs music in several different projects, and is always looking for more. It's always been a lifelong goal of Brian's to create his own independent game studio. Now that it's become a reality, he's not sure what to strive for next. Professional unicyclist? Disco technician? The guy in the nightclub bathroom with all the soaps and towels? Future- your limits are few!

Check out his band at YogurtSmoothness.Com

Listen to his chiptunes at BFunk20xx.Com

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Shaun Wightman - Game Designer/Art Director/Webmaster

Known Aliases: Scooter, Shaunmadeus, El Professor

Special Skills: Art, Games, Knowledge Facilitation, Sandwiches, Cats, Leaving Halloween Decorations Up All Year

Finishing Move: Super CMD-Z Roundhouse

Favorite Games: Grim Fandango, Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG, Beyond Good And Evil, Mass Effect, Tales Series, Battletoads, Shadow of The Colossus

Power Animal: Red Panda

Bio: Literally, Shaun bleeds art. (well, not exactly literally... that would be gross.) It was only natural that Shaun would combine his love of art and video games.  Shaun got his MFA from UCF in 2008 with a focus in Fine Art and Animation. When he is not making awesome games he is a College Professor, Painter, Sculptor, Player of Fine Video Games, and Cat Cuddler.

Check out his art at ShaunArt.Com

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